Nowadays, Sudoku is enjoying a boom in popularity. Sudoku is a popular puzzle game for the young and the young at heart. Already, elementary school students are taking a fancy to this addictive number puzzle.

On this site you can play and print Sudoku for free in an unlimited amount. Each Sudoku comes in one of five levels of difficulty, from Very Easy to Very Difficult. If you more the non-paper type, then you would probably rather play Sudoku online. If you need help solving a Sudoku, you can use the Sudoku solver, which allows you to solve any Sudoku by machine.

All beginners should first get familiar with the Sudoku rules. Some best pracitices may help you to start to play Sudoku easier.

Be careful, playing Sudoku may easily hook up! ;-)


The Sudoku puzzle is still relatively young. It was invented in 1979 by an American named Howard Garns. At that time it was published in a puzzle book the first time. However, it did not immediatly become popular. In 1986, Sudoku became more and more popular in Japan, where the well-known name 'Sudoku' originally comes from. The name means something like 'sole number'. Today there exists many wrongly spellings of Sudoku, for example Sudoku, Sudoku, Suduku, Soduku, Suduko, Sudoko, Sodoku or Sodoko.


Sudoku puzzles come in different sizes and formats. The most common size is with 9x9 fields, often named as Sudoku 9x9. Furthermore, there are Sudoku puzzles consisting of 16x16 boxes up to the so-called Samurai Sudoku puzzle, which are composed of five Sudoku 9x9.