Sudoku on your own website

Do you have a website and would like to offer your visitors a Sudoku game as well? Then simply insert the following HTML code (iframe) inside the <body> tags of your website. 
This service is completely free of charge.

HTML source code must not be changed:

Copy the source code in the text box above and paste it into your website.


Sudoku in cooperation with Print Sudoku

By using the source code on your website you accept the following terms:

  • The website of the user must not contain tasteless content or content which violates the law. Examples would be pornographic, racist or violent content. The assessment rests solely with the owner of the website.
  • By using the provided source code, the URL of the web page of the user and the number of requests via this URL will be submitted to The purpose is just to keep internal statistics and to verify compliance with these rules. There will be no personal information transmitted.
  • The source code provided by must not be changed in any way without permission of
  • All content / source code provided by must not be claimed to be own content. In particular, the user has no right to sell the contents or make it accessible only by payment or attach access to other conditions (such as clicking on the advertising). The use of the source code on pages with a commercial background is only allowed with permission of Using the source code on non-public (e.g. password protected) pages / sections of the site is generally not allowed.
  • There is no guarantee of availability or accuracy of the offered source code or the service. Use at your own risk.
  • reserves the right to exclude individual users from the system, i.e. to stop delivering the included Sudoku on the website of the user. In addition, reserves the right to discontinue the service at any time without prior notice.
  • It is not allowed to evaluate or analyze the delivered content (especially the Sudoku numbers as a complete data set) manually or electronically, to collect, store or use for other purposes (e.g. providing your own Sudoku service).