Sudoku solver

Each Sudoku puzzle can always brought forward to the next step and finally only be solved by logical thinking and inference capability. However, you also have the opportunity to solve any Sudoku field with the Sudoku solver. Simply enter the given numbers (and/or even the already solved ones as well), leave the remaining fields blank and press the button 'Solve Sudoku'. It will then display the solution of the Sudoku.

The Sudoku solver allows you therefore, for example, to solved any Sudoku from a newspaper, magazine, for competitions or just if you can't figure it out.

Solve Sudoku

Please enter the given numbers into the Sudoku field:

Only one possible solution

Please note that a 'real' Sudoku can only have one solution. If the Sudoku solver is used with values of an 'unreal' Sudoku you just get one (random) solution of many possible results.